Mint Chinese & Thai You could almost make a meal with our tasty appetizers and a cup of our unique, savory soups. But we don’t want to spoil your appetite, because at Mint Chinese & Thai Restaurant in Atlanta, we have a myriad of other delightful foods to satisfy your cravings. Our chefs select only the finest and freshest ingredients to create our meals. Try one of our 6 flavors of chicken wings, or our 23 creations of white meat chicken selections: Hunan, Kung Pao, Mongolian, Asparagus, Tangerine, Teriyaki, or Mango to name a few. Our beef, seafood and vegetable combos are equally superb. How about trying some our awesome chef’s specials: Seafood Claypot, Dragon and Phoenix, Malaysia Assam Grouper Fish, Tamarind Fish, Curry Duck and more! We promise you won’t be disappointed and you’re welcome to use our easy online ordering system for at-home or takeaway meals. Bon Appetit! Order Online Payment Options